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Curriculum and Teaching Theory" Was Approved as the Second Batch of Provincial-Level Key Support Disciplines
2011-11-16 16:42   审核人:
According to the spirit of the document "on the second batch of provincial-level key support approval subject notice"(Qian high education doc.[2011] No. 275) issued by Guizhou Provincial Department of Education and led by Professor Chen Yaping, key support approval subject -"Curriculum and Teaching Theory" was approved as the second issued provincial support discipline. This is one of the important progress made in our college disciplines construction.

In the reporting process of provincial key disciplines, the College arranged and further integrated the related resources, joining teacher source in teaching pedagogy, psychology, pedagogical theory and research on basic education as a unit. And a reasonable disciplinary team structure with quantity and level was established. And it enhanced the support of the provincial key academic disciplines reporting efforts.
As a long-term school-based teacher-training colleges, the College has always attached importance to the "Curriculum and Teaching Theory" discipline building and team building. By strengthening the academic, professional development, curriculum development and research, as well as the establishment of local culture and educational research centers, national institute of education, basic education for English institute, teacher's ability, awareness on the subject building and level of curriculum and teaching theory were enhanced.
The key discipline based on education and science, including professional education, primary education, pre-school education as direct supporting subject and gave full play to the role of radiation disciplines. And this promoted the construction and development of teacher professionalism and the related disciplines. And the key discipline construction has fully displayed the characteristics of our concept of running teacher professionlism and the feature of nationalities college.
This key discipline subject has settled four research directions on mathematics curriculum and teaching, English language curriculum and teaching, curriculum and teaching of the basic theory, basic education curriculum and teaching reform. Key members of the multidisciplinary team engaged in teaching and research work related to ethnic minority areas. This team often take part in teaching and research activities in these primary and secondary schools. Thus accumulated a lot of valuable first-hand information. They are an excellent and strong research team with solid theory knowledge and practical experience.

The key disciplines has two provincial level quality courses and two college-level quality courses. This courses cover the national, provincial, departmental level, and other 54 research projects; "Course· Textbook· Methodology" published more than 100 articles of theirs(including 53 core journals) in "Chinese Education Journal, "" Educational Theory and Practice "and other publications; 21 research projects achieved provincial teaching Achievement Award and the provincial basic education achievement awards. According to the discipline construction planning, stress will be put on strengthening the academic team construction and scientific research. Good service will be provided for the local education and development. Curriculum system and teaching reform will be strengthened. Quality of personnel training and other aspects will be greatly improved. And they will strive to build a three-year construction program as the provincial-level key support subjects.

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