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Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities Held the First Postgraduate Education Meeting
2011-11-16 16:41   审核人:
At 4:00 pm on November 2nd, the first postrraduate education meeting of Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities was officially held at hall 7101. Party secretary, professor Liang Guanghua, deputy Party secretary of the school, president Yang Zhu, vice president of the college Party committee Peng Jian-Xin, professor Wei Yu, professor Shi Yunhui, professor Wu Yiwen attended the meeting. College leaders of section chief, professors and associate professors and retired cadres attended the meeting. The Meeting was chaired by deputy Party secretary, president of the college- professor Yang Zhu.
At the meeting, president Yang first informed the approval for the test training of educational postgraduates with master degree. Then, Party secretary- professor Liang Guanghua made ​​the important presentation entitled "Success as a New Starting Point of Applying for the Training of Educational Postgraduates with Master Degree, Aiming to Achieve a New leap in Development of our College".
Secretary Liang in his speech recalled the road to success in applying for the training of educational postgraduates with master degree and pointed out the significance for future development of our college. He emphasized that we should take the success as a new starting point and further unite all possible power. At the same time we should enhance our self-confidence and achieve a new leap forward. His speech clearly pointed the direction, the target and the design of our running the master degree education. He owed the success to the hard working of all faculties and advocate the college to adhere to the concept of "hard work, self-improvement, innovation and development". At the meeting, secretary Liang read his poem -卜算子•石漠山区的祈福with emotion, which he wrote in Beijing at the national debation for applying for the training of educational postgraduates with master degree. The poem says: 山岭笋林生,石漠荒芜貌。百姓勤劳物质贫,救助中央到!苦苦脱贫寻,教育扶贫好!素质提高民族兴,同步康庄道!
The meeting demonstrated the calligraphy based on his poem and Secretary Liang’s reading with emotion won continuous applause of the enthusiastic audience attending the meeting.
Then, vice president Wei Yu gave detailed report about the design and arrangements of the enrollment of postgraduates, regulations and principles of postgraduates’ educating and administrating. Specific requirements of implementing the postgraduates education were made.
President Yang made ​​a concluding speech. He pointed out the difficulty gone through and the heated competition among 87 competitors experienced on way to success. He said that the success comes from the wise leading of our college Party Committee, the hardworking of all faculties and students, the sincere unity of this group and the concept and deep cultural foundation of running school. He advocates to further demonstrate our advatages, improve the quality and level of running school and highlight our characteristics. At the same time president Yang also reminded us that we can not ignore the existing difficulties and problems. He called all faculty to take the chance and solve all problems and difficulties to make persistent efforts to glory.
The approved majors for master degree testing education are three altogether. They are pre-school education, academic teaching - language, pedagogical education • Sports. Our College will enroll the first postgraduates in September, 2012.
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