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Publicity Embarked for Post-graduate Admission
2015-10-22 08:10 Translator: Yang Li  审核人:

Along with the launching of the post-graduate admission work for 2016 at the level of Education Ministry, Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities has embarked on its publicity by organizing a specific leading team, charged by the vice-president.

Since early September, the publicity teams, consist of faculties from the corresponding departments, set out to cities and states in Guizhou, and then from the middle of September, they will mainly focus their work in Qiannan area. Besides, websites at all levels from the college to each department have been developed, and posts and pamphlets have been distributed on and off the campus. In particular, the publicity work has been paid a lot of attention to the needs of serving local primary education. In order to motivate teachers at each level from kindergarten, primary to secondary schools seeking higher education, a paper had been issued by the Education Bureau for Qiannnan. The paper, named as “Motivating enrolled teachers applying for postgraduate studyin Qiannna Normal University for Nationalities”, offers various beneficial policies, including the finical and organizational arrangement for the applicants. By far, the publicity is on its right track as showed by the teams’ work as well as by the online applying work.

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