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A Tour in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Paid by College Leaders
2015-10-18 08:01 Compiler: Liu Kanglian Translator: Yang Li  审核人:

A tour, led by President, Professor Shi Peixin, Vice-president, Professor Wu Yiwen, Vice-secretary Chen Zhisong, Vice-president, Professor Huang Sheng, accompanied by the staff from departments of Office of Party, Office of College, Office of Educational Administration and Office of Scientific Research, was paid to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the afternoon on 16th, Oct., 2015. This tour was designed for guiding the work on building the platform for the department’s scientific research and was also a visit to communicate with the main staff and newly-enrolled doctors in the department. Zou Hongtao, the director of the department, along with the secretary, Mao Haili, respectively gave a report on the construction and the management of the platform, and the organizing of the staff team. This was followed by an examining on facilities in each lab. It was highly appreciated by President Shi that the scientific platform for both the subject building and the faculty had been created and well maintained. Furthermore, President Shi suggested more improvements should be made in facilities in each lab. Further, more specific goals and detailed suggestions were given by President Shi as to how the department could make use of the platform to develop its academic studies and serve the economical development for the local communities. Meanwhile, a special time was given to those newly-enrolled doctors. President Shi spoke highly of their getting adjusted into the campus quickly, their keeping up with the developing pace, and their embarking on the scientific work. Also, their energetic, active and innovating spirits were appreciated. President Shi lastly encouraged them to make the best of the platform, to continue their research based on the previous achievements and to make full preparation for applying for and completing more serious projects.

The guidance and support to the platform, as well as the care and encouragement to those new staff, showed by the college’s leadership, were all sensed by the faculty in the department. This motivated them in continuing their work in subject building, major constructing, talents cultivating, lab maintaining and teaching and research enhancing. The main staff and doctors also showed their gratitude to the leadership, and expressed their confidence in teaching and doing researches with the support from the college level.

Below is the background of the platform building in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In order to serve better the scientific work as well as the local communities, even faced with the difficulties such as shortages in houses, funds, several labs have been newly or rebuilt by funding from the central and provincial government. Those labs are Provincial Phosphorus Chemical Arts Lab, Large-scale Equipment Lab, Inorganic Synthesis Lab, Organic Synthesis Lab, Material Synthesis Lab, and Calculation Chemistry Lab, which provide scientific research platforms for phosphorus chemistry, plant resources development, and new material studies. All these together provide scientific studying facilities for the staff in this department.


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