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Professor Sun Yu, Academician of National Academy of Engineering Paid Our College An
2015-10-22 17:47 Reporter: Jia Teng Translator: Zhu Huimin  新闻中心 审核人:

On October 20 afternoon, accompanied by deputy party secretary Huang Yuanfei of Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Deputy Director Gao Xiangdong of Qiannan Human Resources and Social Bureau and other leaders, Sun Yu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering had an exchange and guidance visit to our college. He had a talk with the school leaders and relevant subject teachers at the executive meeting room on the eighth floor. Party Secretary Professor Shi Peixin, Vice President Professor Wu Yiwen and other department leaders attended the meeting.Wu Yiwen

chaired the meeting.

Shi Peixin extented his warm welcome to Sun and his fellow companions for their arrival. He introduced the basic profile of our college and expressed the wish for a better development of our college with the counterpart guidance and assistance from Sun and Guangzhou Municipal.

Academician Sun first introduced his life experiences, and made valuable suggestions to our school education system. He believes that our school should develop our own characteristics in progress and the development goals should focus on improving the quality of teaching and the building of teaching and research faculty. He also pointed out that students' main task in school is to improve the quality of their own, learn to be a good person, learn to work and learn the basic knowledge. They should learn to be non-profit-oriented and with talent and favorable external situations, everything will develop smoothly. During his speech, young school teachers also took the opportunity asking for Academician Sun’s advices and he patiently responded them.He tirelessly counselled young teachers not to be impatient, as long as they have chosen the right direction, step by step, there is always a matter of course.

Finally, Wu Yiwen, expressed his gratitude to academician Sun’s guidance and exchange of valuable ideas and hope his next coming to visit our school and his constant attention and suggestions for the development of our college at any time.

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