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Fine Arts Students and Faculties’ Works Won Success in Provincial Youth Art Exhibition
2015-10-20 17:36 Chen Kaihui  新闻中心 审核人:

On October 19, 2015, a solemn and grand ceremony of "the Seventh Guizhou Province Youth Art Exhibition" was held in Guiyang Hua Guoyuan World Cultural Arts Center. The exhibition was organized by Guizhou Provincial Federation of Literary and was hosted by Guizhou Provincial Asscociation of Arts Circles. The exhibition received more than one thousand pieces of works and more than three hundred works were selected. Professor Zhou Qing and Teacher Pan Lei of Department of Fine Arts Department of our college won the Gold Award for their “Mo Drama Still”. Associate Professor Wang Feng’s "Untitled" won the Silver Award. Associate Professor Liang Lianfang’s “My Micro Letter Friend and I” and teacher Huang Lin’s "Status - Jump" won the Silver Award. Associate Professor’s “Upholding National Culture ·Inheriting National Spirit” and teacher Chen Yao's “Vortex Heat Towel Dryer "won the Excellence Award. Quite a few teachers and students also had works selected and displayed in the exhibition. Our college Fine Arts Department, focusing on creative works of teachers and students in recent years, in various exhibitions repeatedly had excellent achievements. They has received prominent concern among colleges and universities in Guizhou Province, and has received confirmation of fellow experts.


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