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2015-10-19 17:34 Text: Yang Xinxin Photography: Yang Xiangfa Translator: Zhu Huimin  新闻中心 审核人:

On October 17, sponsored by the Computer Association of Guizhou Province, organized by Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities, “Guizhou Province Computer Association 2015 Annual Meeting" was held in QNCN. The theme of the conference is "New Generation of Information Technology Research and Application". The meeting aimed at gathering national, provincial computer industry experts and professors engaged in academic research and applied technology development, research scholars, industry leaders, engineering and technical personnel and post graduates, to discuss the computer research, development, applied research and education, while demonstrating the important results and applications into the corporate world.

QNCN party secretary Shi Peixin, vice president Wu Yiwen, Qiannan Association for Science and Technology Chairman Cheng Shijun Qiannan, Guizhou Province Computer Academy president Xu Daoyun, chairman Yan Zhongquan of Qiannan Mathematical Association attended the opening ceremony.

Shi Peixin extended the welcoming remarks. He said, the annual meeting will provide a learning platform for exchange as well as an opportunity to receive guidance. It will play a positive role in promoting our university computer science discipline construction and development. At the same time, we will take the opportunity to increase the school-enterprise cooperation, to promote computer science and practice and to offer personnel training for more local services.

During the meeting, invited experts Dong Rongsheng, Zuo Yu, Li Shaobo, Peng Changgen respectively made the special academic reports entitled "Course Evaluation, Key to Chinese Reform Success - with the Introduction of Computer Science as an Example", "training Models on Computer-based Engineering Education Application-Oriented Talents "," "Internet +" Collaborative Manufacturing "," Big Data Privacy Protection Mechanisms, ".

The annual meeting set up two sub-venues-"Research and Teaching", "Technology and Industry" . More than 20 experts and post graduates from various industries made presentations at the meeting. Finally, the selection of the excellent papers and certificates were awarded to the winners.

The experts through various forms of exchange and discussion had a better understanding of the latest cutting-edge computer field. They also saw the challenges and opportunities facing the future of research and application of Guizhou Province in the computer field of information technology. And this will play a catalytic effect.

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