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Vice President Huang Sheng Visited Internship Teachers and Students in Guiding High
2015-10-17 17:29 Written by: Wang Singhu Xie Rui  新闻中心 审核人:

On October 17, 2015, Vice President Huang Sheng visited 2012 Chinese Language and Literature Department undergraduates and 2014 discipline teaching·Chinese Orientation postgraduate teachers in internships. Internships instructor Zhou Jianzi, Wang Ziyu, Wang Xinghu and all internship students participated in internship forum.

At the forum, Professor Zhou Jianzi first introduced the teaching practice. Zhou Jianzi said the teaching practice group attached great importance to the internship, adhering to the good methods in traditional practices, with particular emphasis on organization of intern lectures. When interns were tested in lecturing, they soon gained internship school teachers’ recognition and were approved with exception to teach the most excellent class language lessons. Internship group made internship reflection and summary on a weekly basis. They often practiced their lecture and made discussions and exchanges, solving difficulties in their internship life. During the internship, interns not only listen to lectures and give lectures themselves, they also act as class teachers. The practice group was also involved in organizing and planning and guidance of all senior one students’ poetry recitation, essays competitions with the topic of Anti-Japanese War, the election and commentary of the competition, rehearsals and other activities. They actually shouldered the responsibility of managing the classes in internship. They were given the praise by Guiding High School teachers and students. The interns were eager to express their satisfactions to their guidance teacher for their thoughtful arrangement in test-lecture, lessons giving , being class teachers and security meausres taken in more than one month intership. They also talked about the ups and downs, feelings and their rewards.

Finally, vice president Huang Sheng expressed his satisfaction to the interships in Guiding High School. He also thanked them for the practice seriously planned and carried out in accordance with the unified deployment of the implementation of the school education practice. Huang Sheng said the organized teaching practice is our school’s good tradition in education training teachers. Educational internship training can exercise students a solid education and teaching skills. Over the years, our graduates, within and outside the province personnel recruitment and teaching skills contests, have achieved outstanding results due to the solid foundation laid in the teaching practice. This good tradition must be adhered to and we must do even better. Huang Sheng congratulated teachers and students’s outstanding achievement in the internships and hope that in the rest of the internship they should make further efforts to enhance the level, enhance the learning and make summarization and reflection to ensure a complete success.

Vice president Huang Sheng is having a talk with internship teachers and students in Guiding High School

Vice president Huang Sheng visited internship post graduate teachers Kang Manyu, Su Na, Zhang Yaqiu in Guiding High School

Poetry recitation contest organized and guided by the interns

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