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QNCN Signed School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement with Chongqing Tarena
2015-10-17 17:21 Translator: Zhu Huimin  新闻网 审核人:

On October 16 afternoon, school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony between Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities &Chongqing Tarena Software Co. Ltd. was held on the third floor of the west conference room. Vice President Huang Sheng of QNCN, vice president Wang Youjiang of CQTARENA Group attended the signing ceremony.

Huang Sheng extended welcoming remarks on behalf of the school to the group and his party and introduced the development of our school. He said that it is a necessary measure for colleges and universities to enhance education quality by carrying out school-enterprise cooperation in personnel training practicability and effectiveness and accelerating the construction and development connotation. Our school attaches great importance to the policy of opening our schools to the outside world. At present we joined in the National Universities of Applied Technology Alliance. We paid more attention to companies with high levels of tight junctions, with more than 100 enterprises and institutions in carrying out various forms of cooperation in education, which has achieved remarkable results. School-enterprise cooperation agreement signed with the Tarena Group is hoping to advance the practice of our school in practical education and entrepreneurship education, to promote IT personnel training model innovation, and to promote QNCN in applied talents education reform and development.

Vice president Wang Jiangyou, on behalf of his group thanked the trust given by QNCN and he fully affirmed the significance of school-enterprise cooperation, which allows students to learn and to use the most practical and advanced technologies; enhance students' professional quality. In order to enable students to calmly dock job requirements, Tarena Group will provide broad employment platform based on 40 cities nationwide, 130 learning service centers, more than 50,000 cooperative enterprises to help students go into good companies and good businesses all over the country.


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