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About Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities

The college is located in a beautiful bridge city on Yungui Plateau – Duyun City, the capital of Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture of Buyi and Miao Minorities of Guizhou Province. The campus covers an area of 731 mu, leaning Lianhua Mountain on the east, facing Jianjiang River on the south, joining Guixin high-grade highway and Qiangui railway on the west through which people can visit coastal cities from mountainous Sichuan and Guizhou Province, and looking up at the national nature scenery protection area Cloak Mountain on the north. The campus is a collection of practicality, multi-functionality, ethnicity and modernization with its beautiful and serene environment.

On Mar. 28, 2000 according to the documents of JiaoFa (2000) No. 57 of the Ministry of Education, the college announced its establishment, although the history of this school can be traced back to 1958. Since the reform and opening-up policy, in the process of carrying out the strategy for western development, she is the first undergraduate-level normal college for nationalities, which is built by Guizhou Province and Qiannan Prefecture jointly, giving priority to the province. The college is combined by original Qiannan Normal School for Nationalities, Qiannan Educational Institute, and Duyun Normal School for Nationalities. The famous economist and educator Yu Guangyuan is the honorary president of the college, who is the previous committee member of the Advisory Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In July, 2006, the international famous film star Jackie Chan was invited to be honorary president of the college. Professor Liang Guanghua (Hui Nationality) is the secretary of the Party committee of the college and Professor Yang Zhu (Han) is the president of the college.

     The specialty establishment of the college is complete. Now there are 15 departments including Chinese Department, Math Department, Foreign Languages Department, Physics and Electronic Science Department, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, Politics, Law and Economics Department, Department of Physical Education, Education Department of Marxism-Leninism, etc. 34 undergraduate specialties subordinate in 8 disciplines such as literature, science, pedagogy, legal science, economics, history, management science, technology and so on. Now there is one national level distinguishing specialty, one provincial level key discipline, two provincial level key support disciplines, three provincial level model specialties, one provincial level liberal arts research base, one provincial level model experiment center, one provincial level training base of ethnic tradition sports, 6 provincial level elaborate courses, and eight college level advantage majors.

There are 495 full-time teachers in the college, among which there are 38 professors, 189 associate professors, 6 enjoying government special expert allowance, 4 famous teachers of Guizhou Province, 2 provincial level experts, 4 prefecture level experts, 157 with master’s degree, 7 with doctor’s degree, 2 postdoctors, 15 college level academic leaders, 14 college level youth academic leaders, 15 master tutors as concurrent job from other schools.

The college is equipped with 14 research units such as the Higher Education Schools Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base of Guizhou Province – research centre of local national culture and education, Research Institute for Nationalities, Shui Characters Research Institute, etc. The college establishes a Shui Characters Culture Exhibition Centre, which has been authorized as the Shui Characters culture research base of Qiannan Prefecture. Journal of Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities is released domestically and abroad. The columns of National Culture and Language Literature in the journal, based on Guizhou native national culture research, have received high praises from experts and readers.

The total area of school buildings is 199,200 ㎡. Each item of school Infrastructure construction has begun to take shape. Presently there are 43 specialized laboratories of inorganic chemistry, heat studies, foundation mathematics, sports, broadcast television news, pronunciation experiment, advertisement design, micro standard teaching, and office automation, etc. The instructional instruments equipment amounts to 31,625,000 Yuan. The total volume of paper books and literature is 706,700 and the electronic books reach to 150,000 kinds. The milliardfold campus network system has linked with the Internet and CERNET, which has met the teaching needs quite well.

The college has established international academic exchanges with some universities and scientific research institutes in the US, UK and some other countries. Many professors of our school have been invited to give lectures by some famous schools such as Harvard University, the University of Arizona, Iran Tehran University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc. Some visiting professors are appointed to give lectures, carry on scientific research cooperations from well-known domestic and foreign universities such as the Britain University of London, the Chinese Atomic energy Research institute, the East China Normal university, Beijing Normal University, the Shanghai International Studies University and so on.

The college attaches great importance to campus culture reconstruction, so it carries out various campus cultural activities on culture, science, technology, sports and arts, and creates a good campus culture atmosphere and living condition for our college students. The colorful campus culture becomes a bright scenery line in the college. The college won many rewards such as the second prize of the 2010 University Campus Culture Reconstruction Outstanding Achievement Award by the Ministry of Education of China, the title of the Advanced Unit of National School Art Education, etc.

In recent years, the college organizes the students to participate in all levels of competitions, in which we have won 59 items of prize in the National University Students Math Modelling Competition including 1 item of state-level first prize, 7 of state-level second prize, 59 of division first, second, and third prize; we have won 72 items of prize in the National University Students Advertizing Art Competition including 1 item of state-level second prize, 3 of state-level third prize, 5 of state-level excellence award, 2 of division first prize, 15 of division second prize, 21 of division third prize, 25 of division excellence award; 90 students have won the rewards in the Third National Normal University Students English Teaching Skill Competition, in which 2 won the first prize and 16 the second prize; In the Second University Students Business Plan Challenge Cup our students won the bronze prize.

In 2000 the college recruited the students only from Guizhou Province and since 2001 we have recruited more than 10,000 students covering 28 provinces all over the country as well as more than 100 foreign students have been taught who come from 8 countries such as the US, Canada, Japan and so on, which has portrayed a good school image.

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