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The Local Ethnic Culture and Education Research Center

The Local Ethnic Culture and Education Research Center originated from the Ethnic Research Institute in Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities, which was approved to be established by the South Guizhou People's Government in 2003. In December, 2007, the center was granted by the Guizhou Department of Education as a base of Humanities and Social Science Research.

The staff include 33 researchers in Ethnic Research Center, 3 of them own Doctor Degree,5 of them own Master Degree and 25 of them are Bachelor Degree owners; 20 of them are qualified with high professional level and 8 of them enjoy associate - professional title ; 5 for professional title ; 2 experts enjoy provincial expert allowance, 1 distinguished math teacher with provincial level and 2 provincial subject leaders; Among the staff ,6 of them are full-time researchers. 1 enjoys high professional title and 8 enjoy associate high professional title ; 3 enjoy intermediate title and 1 enjoys primary title. The professor Liang Guanghua, Secretary of CPC Committee of Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities , acts as the director; Vice-president Wei Yu as the director of Academic Committee; the associated-Professor Qin Shiqi and Wen Yi as the deputy director of this center. The center includes administrative office, reference room, and the exhibition hall for south Guizhou ethnic culture. The five research branches concerns Shui Culture, Moyouzhi, Ethnic Traditional Sports, Ethnic Education and Folk Arts.

As the local ethnic culture and ethnic education research, Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities has invested a lot, which supply the help for the center owning a strong team and promote all the work steadily. Meanwhile, we have successfully applied a batch of national and provincial projects, published a mount of academic works and essays with high level. In the past 3 years, all the staff published 8 research works, 5 text-books , 2 versions and 149 essays (1 for authority periodical, 33 for key periodicals, 1 copied by the people's University of China ) in total. Among the research works, 77 papers (20 for key periodicals) by professional staff and 78 papers(33 for key periodicals) by part-time staff. The 44 scientific research subjects(5 national subjects, 1 major and lateral subject, 8 provincial subjects, 12 prefecture subjects, 18 college subjects). The national subjects are as follows: Observe the Inheritance of Minority Traditional Sports Culture in China in Term of the change of Shui People's Traditional Sports hosted by Professor Gu Xiaoyan; Research on the System of Phonetics and Corpus of Shui Character hosted by Professor Liang Guanghua; Research on the Arts of Shui in Guizhou hosted by Professor Yang Jun; A Contrastive Research on the Aboriginal Language s in Karsts Area in Libo, Guizhou with English and Chinese hosted by Professor Wei Qiwei; Study on the Quantity Category of Chinese and Shui Languagehosted by Professor Huang Fang; Besides these, Professor Liang guanghua also hosts an important lateral project, the Punctuation Collating of the Complete Work of Mo Youzhi. 26 of these subjects received accolades, 5 of them with the provincial level, 10 with prefecture level, 11 for others. By terms of Ethnic Research Center, we held academic conference 4 times, such as the first International Academic Symposium on Shui Culture in China, and invited some experts to give lectures 17 times, we have given lectures 38 times, the staff including full-time and part-time researchers joined the field researching in 300 person-trips of cities and counties such as Yanghe Duyun, Libo Yaoshan, and more than half a year averagely for each person.

In addition, the expert group in South Guizhou, led by the president of Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities, Professor Liang Guanghua and the director of the center, whose purpose is to save, translate, and study Shui Character, we actively organized and conducted relevant work, drafted The First Five-years Plan to Save and Preserve Shui Character. By positively organizing and coordinating the work of preservation and integration of Shui Character in some cities and counties, we compiled The Interpretation of Shui Character in China , hosted research subjects about Shui culture, completed the interpreting and publishing of The Volume of Marriage in Shui Character ; drafted The Evaluation on the Application of the Qualification for Shui Character Classification in Guizhou , on behalf of Provincial Department of Personnel Matters, which is documented, issued and implemented.

The exhibition hall with typical ethnic characteristics of South Guizhou (formerly Shui Culture Exhibition Hall) was set up and opened to public in 2006. It has been expanded to be one of the five main Exhibition Halls for Native Ethnic Culture in 2011. The center takes up an area of 400 ㎡ and the infrastructure construction cost nearly 1,000,000 yuan. The South Guizhou Ethnic Culture Exhibition Hall is a special base which can display our abundant local characteristics and intension of the culture of ethnic language, and an important place corresponding to the situation in South Guizhou which integrates the collection and exhibition, research and education, propaganda and communication for ethnic culture. we exhibit the precious Shui documents, clothes and ornaments, silvers and pictures about folk and custom, which takes a positive role in protection of local ethnic culture and promoting the development of social economy in South Guizhou .

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