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Associated Professor Luo Huiliang Won the honor "Virtue Pacesetter of the Teacher in Guizhou Province"
2015-09-17 10:09 By Yang Nan (Mathematics Department)  审核人:

It is reported that associated professor Luo Huiliang,the teacher of Mathematics Department,has got the honor of "Virtue Pacesetter of the Teacher in Guizhou Province",which is given by the Educational Trade Union and the office of Education Department in Guizhou province.The honor provides strong motivation for the teachers to concentrate on their jobs and inspires them to be the excellent teachers with dream,virtue,knowledge and love. In total, twenty teachers have been awarded the honor in Guizhou province.

Associated professor Lou has been the teacher of the major courses in Mathematics Department for years. And he is admired and respected by most of his students because he loves his job and throws himself into it. Furthermore, he is the consultant of the undergraduate mathematical contest in our college. And his students have got First Prize and Second Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) while they also have received Second Prize in American College Students' Mathematical Modeling Contest.

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