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Our college Communist Party building work conference held in 2015
2015-03-04 22:43   审核人:

In order to imple the General Secretary Xi Jinping in the 23th country colleges and universities'sCommunist Partybuilding work conference and the spirit of the meeting made important instructions to convey arrangements Provincial colleges'Communist Party Building conference 2015 in March 3, our college's Communist party building work conference was held in 1th floor east conference room.

Party Secretary Liang Guanghua, deputy party secretary Shi Peixin president and vice president Peng Jianxin , Wei Yu, Shi Yunhui, Wu Yiwen,deputy party secretary Chen Zhisong,assistant to the president Qian Lexiang attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liang Guanghua.

Shi PeiXin conveyed and learnt the spirit of the 23th colleges' Communist party building conference 2015 and the content and arrangements of provincial Communist party building work conference .

Liang Guanghua pointed out The Communist Party Work must uphold the Party's leadership, the party leadership firmly grasp the ideology of college, put into practice the teaching of socialist values, and implement the president responsibility system under the lead of the committee, by the request of province Committee,our works should focus on "train students for whom, cultivate what students and how to train students," ,strengthen students' ideological and political education and propaganda work, improve teaching quality and strengthen work-style construction, improve teaching level, strengthen a sense of hardship.

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