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Mr. Li Huijun visit our school to select position of "Cultural Park"
2015-03-25 10:21   审核人:

In March 18th, the famous calligrapher Mr. Li Huijun who retired from our Arts Department, invited to inspect our college campus culture park construction project together with vice president Peng Jianxin aan other staffs of the Propaganda Department and Arts Department.These people visited the the library, art building, artificial lake. Peng Jianxin introduce the achievements made in recent years in our college campus culture construction and future plan, and he hope Mr. Li can provide a lot of advice for the construction of campus culture if in good healthy.

There was a meeting held In the Arts Department conference room, Peng Jianxin present the construction of the college preliminary idea of "cultural park" to Mr. Li Huijun, the park locating around the rear side of library information center, it will build Huijun Li calligraphy steles in the cultural park .in August this year, Book information would be completed and put into use, to further strengthen environmental education, cultural education campus atmosphere.

Mr. Li Huijun has been concerned about the development of the construction of Teachers, wrote the name of the school for college, college has donated more than four pieces of calligraphy masterpiece, she expressed enthusiasm Teachers will try to support cultural development, and contribute ideas for cultural park construction and school leaders, teachers and students put together a fine cultural park construction, stand the test of time. She said the impact of culture is profound, not because of time, money and other issues on the hasty construction, cultural park siting, design, material selection, etc. are very important, we should work together to strive to create a campus landmark cultural landscape, to with the principal deposit.

Peng Jianxin said that school would like to thank Mr. Li Huijun representative at an advanced age, the situation is still physically challenged to join the cultural construction of schools, contributing to cultural education. Mr. Li Huijun said the institute will set up specialized studio, and with full respect for Mr. Li recommendations detailed planning, programming, step by step, and strive to create a culture of quality, continuous accumulation campus cultural essence, the formation of rich cultural characteristics of the University.

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